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黃志豪(Noble Wong),香港全職壁畫家、插畫家、寫生畫家。創作靈感來自生活體驗,尤其對建築物丶歷史和文化情有獨鍾。希望透過一筆一筆描繪的作品帶出一個訊息——放慢腳步,你會發現身邊有很多珍貴有趣的事物等待你去發掘!


2015年成立Noble Sketchbook藝術工作室。曾參與多個大型插畫與壁畫工作,包括中環街市丶上海街618重建項目丶西營盤ARTLANE壁畫丶社區藝術「城市閘誌」,以及「大館」的活化工程。


As a Hong Kong mural artist, illustrator and urban sketcher, Noble’s inspiration comes from his daily life. He is especially interested in architecture, history and culture. He wants to bring out a message through his artworks - slow down, there are many precious and interesting things around you waiting for you to discover!


He founded Noble Sketchbook, a studio specialized in visual artworks and became a full-time artist in 2016. He has been commissioned in illustration and mural projects, including Central Market, 618 Shanghai Street, Sai Ying Pun’s ARTLANE, HK Urban Canvas and the Central Police Station Revitalisation Project.

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